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Let's Clarify your Vision!

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The breakthrough coaching session is a deep dive into your vision with a primary focus on helping you clarify your vision over the next 6/12 months. I support you in identifying your deeper desire + what has stopped you from achieving that vision in the past. Which then reveals new possibilities for achieving your goals while feeling so deeply connected


About breakthrough call

What happens in a breakthrough session?

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This session is all about YOU: What is it that you deeply desire to create/achieve in your personal or professional life? We'll slow down and explore that together.

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Your deeper desire: What is it that you want to feel by creating that vision for yourself?

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Blocks + Limiting Beliefs: What do you perceive as getting in the way of you achieving this? This really is where transformation happens. Where I support you to see/feel and experience what could be possible in your life by integrating those blocks. and how the blocks can be used as stepping stones to get you to your next level if you know how to use them that way.

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Laser sharp coaching: You will be served by experiencing a deep somatic, and emotional. or deep mindset shift depending on your vision and what comes up in the session.  

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Delight takeaways:  You are guaranteed to take away incredible insights + practical next steps in relationship to your vision. this is regardless of whether you choose to take on further coaching sessions or not.

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New Possibilities: At the end of our session once you are clear on your vision + where you are now in relationship to your goal, if you feel fully committed + excited about manifesting your vision; I will support you in identifying what action steps you need to get there. I will share what this collaboration and partnership could look like.

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The Clarity session helped me to make a huge shift in my perception of the situation, change the experience, and dissolve the issue I have been struggling with, making it possible to transcend the situation.

BaharI can't thank you enough for all the work you do to empower others and the ripple effect it creates on the lives of the people around them. 

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I felt such an intense shift in my energy straight after the session with you. All at once I found myself being more playful, and cheerful. Within a few hours, there were quite a few synchronicities that happened to me related to my vision! wow!

Bahar, thank you with all my heart for such an inspiring, uplifting, and amazing session I had with you! I



I'm fascinated by the thoughtfully designed session that gradually awakened and elevated my energy and awareness. The session presented incredible tools and insights, which proved to be highly practical and efficient for me.

Thank you Bahar for your presence and support and thanks for your exceptional talent of  peeling back the layers beneath the surface

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let's Clarify

Your vision

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