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Hello, I'm Bahar. A transformational coach, a kundalini yoga teacher, and a blissful artist!

I come from software engineering and IT management background. I followed the call for art and healing and changed my career direction completely.

Having done the big jump I deeply feel how vulnerable, scary, and unsettling it can be to answer the call and leave your secure and safe place and go to the wild of unknown.
Having experienced huge changes in my life I help my clients to find their true authentic selves and be unapologetically blissful about that.  

I help my clients find their limiting beliefs and blocks first. Then I facilitate them with specific tools to help them release those limiting beliefs. Once connected with a feeling of strength and determination I then support them to create what they really desire doing in their life.

This is my story of seeking a bigger meaning in life and finally being able to find a way to express myself authentically, follow my calling, step into my power and finally build my own business around what I love to do.

A few years ago…


I had achieved all I could think of in my life…


I migrated to the UK and completed my master's in Computer Software Engineering 


I found a very good job and soon changed jobs and moved up to high profile positions and a higher salary


I bought my first house and then a nice car and then a second property! 


The more I achieved and the more I ticked the boxes defined by ancestral & society's measure of success, the more I was craving for something much deeper in my life that was hugely missing.


I had everything that my parents wanted me to have one day, but I was not fulfilled. I was living a double life. A person with a mask at work, with a big smile on my face representing an enthusiastic, warm, and happy person.


And another person with a different mask when I was on my own, unhappy, unfulfilled, depressed, and crying for something bigger, deeper, more impactful, more soul-satisfying…


But, there was only one problem! I had no idea what that THING I was craving for was. That’s the irony of it ...searching for something that I didn’t know what it is!!!!


In the midst of one of my depressive evenings, coming from a big party and so sick and tired of wearing my jolly, warm fulfilled personality mask, I decided to do one thing - only one thing - for myself. Take one day off work and just paint. Why painting? Because part of me remembered when I was younger every time I painted I felt so lost in it that I couldn’t hear anything! A state of flow! Just fully being in the moment.


So I started to paint for 2 years. I had a full day of painting every Friday. At the same time, I was introduced to meditation. I started meditating daily. First only a few times per week for 5-10 minutes or so. Then for a period of 2 years, I developed my meditation practice to do it every day!


Still surrounded by fear and restricted by my own limiting thoughts and beliefs I was not yet ready to call myself an artist let alone to quit my very secure job and make a living as an artist.


Through doing deeper work, creative journaling, yoga, and attending deep meditation retreats I finally gained the courage to jump! I quit my job in July 2019 and took the leap of faith!


Oh boy! That was the scariest, the most nerve-wracking, argument-provoking, and then exciting, exhilarating, and the best move of my life so far. It opened so many new doors and possibilities for me. 


Three weeks after I quit my job I hired a transformational coach and she supported me to further work on all the areas of my life that needed healing and release from fear. 


I started running a few art exhibitions, then packed to travel to Peru on a healing woman retreat to dig even deeper as I was ready to do the soul work. After coming back I was so clear of my path on what I wanted in my life and where I want to be.


Having walked this journey of waking up to my soul path, I was determined to start supporting others to stand in their power and help them choose the path of awakening whatever that means for them. 


I did many trainings in different holistic modalities to be able to support individuals (like myself a few years back) to go on this path.


I’ve finished my training as a transformational life coach, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Reiki Energy Healing, and kundalini yoga teacher training.


So art ended up opening me up to the path of healing and helping others to go on a deep self-discovery journey to find their gifts and authentic life path. 


This is what I do as my job now, work in my art studio (which acts as my office as well) every day. A bright colorful place as I imagined as my workplace a few years ago. 

Helping my clients to live a happier, more conscientious, and purposeful life and get through their life barriers more gracefully.

In this very space, I paint, draw and practice yoga daily. I run online art healing workshops and courses. 

I feel like a blissful, purposeful, and more whole person now. And more importantly, I put my masks aside now! One all-around authentic being. This is who I am.

Whatever comes I just flow with that through art and through all the holistic tools that I’ve got in my toolbox now. The bad, the good, the ugly. All are welcomed in my guesthouse. No scaping, no ignoring, no suppression of any emotions or any part of me any longer.

Bahar's art studio
Bahar in her office/art studio
Moments of being in the flow
Meditation by the beach
Painting in the garden
After Kundalini yoga bliss
Women circle
Finished painting
Le Martinet France Alp Ashram
Energy healing (Reiki)
Shadow work course by Bahar
Sadhana:Daily spiritual practice- in my art studio
Bahar kundalini ego eradicator
Kundalini yoga in the garden
Bahar - Nature heals
Bahar after shadow work workshop
Art healing workshop
Immersion week -Kundalini Teacher Training - Le Martinet France
Healing retreat center Peru
Alpaca baby - Pisac, Peru
Healing portal - Apus of Peru
Healing retreat center, Peru
My Art