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​Bahar has helped me to improve my anxiety enormously. My teaching has improved a lot because I was really struggling with the nerves and my confidence before. Now I can actually teach without having to go through these huge emotional reactions. I feel a lot more grounded now. I think the aspect(shadow) work that we did together really helped me. Now I feel like I understand what happens to me and why it's happening and also having some tools to deal with that when it happens.

Yoga teacher - Entrepreneur

After joining a group workshop with Bahar, I decided to take a few one to one coaching sessions with her.  I was really amazed by the shadow work practice in the workshop and wanted to expand on that. Each session was a new experience and uncovered something important about myself to me that I had unconsciously closed my eyes onto. Bahar walked with me at every step and when I could no longer go ahead she would use a technique (like EFT or role-playing, etc...) or ask the perfect question to open the way a little further.

I am very grateful for all her guidance, attention, patience, and compassion and would highly recommend working with her as a transformational coach. 

IT Technical Manager


Upon meeting Bahar, she has an immediate warmth and softness and greets you with her kind, compassionate, and supportive energy. This creates a space of openness. Bahar's approach, which combined coaching and EFT got to the root of things very quickly. This was surprising and also relieving to me. Just knowing at that moment we had unveiled what was really going on, allowed me to work on the path forward. I'd encourage anyone to experience her coaching.

Worklife and Identity Coach

I had a coaching session with Bahar and it was so insightful. Bahar incorporated EFT into the session too and it really unlocked something deeper inside me and helped me to see a different perspective that I wasn't seeing.
Bahar was very present and supported me and I was able to gain a lot of understanding about my situation in just a short time.
I highly recommend her coaching :)
Thank you Bahar!

Deep Purpose Coach


From my one session, it really helped me gain clarity that a life-changing decision I have recently made is the right way forward which gave me a sense of ease of mind and excitement. Would highly recommend Bahar as it's very apparent she has a warm heart and the desire to help.

Mindset Coach

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