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Entrepreneur and feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling like you are trapped in a never-ending to-do-list? Have you started your business (or just about to set up your own business) and feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done?

Over-working each day and even during the weekend but still a lot to do and it feels like you haven’t moved forward much?

I feel you. I’ve been there while ago. That's why I decided to share my experience with you all here.

This is what I found my mind being preoccupied with and myself busy with daily back then

  • A deep feeling of I’m behind (behind who or what I’m not sure!!!)

  • Coaching my clients and thinking about how to find my next clients to reach my target (competition with self! yeah!)

  • Write and create content for my website and update my website branding again and again

  • Defining products and packages and beautifying(!) them on my website as soon as a new idea emerged into my mind

  • Marketing and social media marketing/ creating content and post on social media every day or in my head thinking about the next content!

  • Research, integration, and development of all the tools or software that I need for my business like caledly, zoom, practice better, asana tasks, linktree Instagram, etc…and all the apps and online tools I use for generating graphics and posters of my workshops

  • All the materials to study and all the books, webinars, and podcasts that I felt like I have to read, listen to, or attend. And all the recommended YouTube videos that I had to watch

  • Writing essays and case studies for my coaching course assessment

  • Loads of time spent on social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. etc...) as well as social media groups to take part in online conversations (yes! because their algorithms work this way!!!)

But then I just told myself WAIT A MINUTE…where am I leading to? did I quit my successful but very stressful job last year to land in a similar space one more time? Of course not!

So I took some time and reflected back and connected with the lifestyle and the dream that I had back then. And reminded me

  • That MY lifestyle matters

  • That the energy that I’m creating from matters

  • That I left my corporate job to do to what I love - and I do love what I do - but with the energy of joy and passion not with stress and overwhelm

  • How can I inspire and help others if I myself am not feeling what I’m talking about?


I started to nourish myself on a daily basis and created a daily ritual for me which is filled with the things that I love; This is as important and crucial as my work too!

I start my day by

  • Taking a cold shower – yes it’s scary but super refreshing! Trust me. Do it for 40 days and it gets much easier afterward ;)

  • Practicing my morning yoga

  • Followed by meditation or sometimes singing mantras

  • Then I go for a walk, connect with the freshness of the trees in the park and listen to one of my favourite books

  • Then I come home, have breakfast, and that's when I'm ready for my 10 AM client or admin works depending on the day.

Also, I make sure I do all the above as an act of kindness and self-compassion, not another item squeezed in my to-do-list.

Then I made sure I have a day/half a day of creative activity in my week. I love painting so I am back to painting weekly or sometimes I play music if I don't feel like painting.

What is your creative activity to unwind your mind?

I finish my day by journaling, gratitude journaling, and listening to my recorded voice as my affirmations. While journaling I reflect on what can I do to be more self-compassionate and kinder to myself the next day.

And guess what? My energy level and attitude have changed enormously. My clients feel it too and reflect it to me. I’m more enthusiastic and willing to do my daily tasks(even some of the tasks that I don't like much!) and my productivity has increased.

It’s so important to connect with the energy that you are creating/functioning from, acknowledge it, and arrange your day based on your energy level as much as possible. Instead of exhausting yourself to a feeling of overwhelm with a pile of tasks and a cloud of worries, doubts, confusions, and dissatisfaction.

What is the energy that you are functioning from today?

YOUR lifestyle matters! Connect with your Why daily. Why are you doing what you are doing?

So the question is, are you a kind boss to yourself?

How do you nourish yourself daily (and yes! it is important to be daily otherwise you lose the momentum and go back to old habits)

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