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Conscious Leadership - Online Group Program

Change your vibration and claim your success gracefully from within.

incorporating kundalini yoga, meditation, universal laws teaching, group mentoring call.

Six-week vibrational energy shifting program that includes

✔6 live online kundalini yoga classes (75-90 minutes each class)

✔1 session of 1-2-1 coaching

✔3 sessions of group coaching (small group max 8)

✔4 recorded videos of the teaching of universal laws

✔4 recorded guided meditation

✔4 downloadable worksheets & self-reflection document

What you'll gain

  • Discover your limited behavioral patterns and lower frequency vibrational thought-forms.

  • Activate your inner life force and creativity resources to rewrite those limiting beliefs and initiate your true leadership powers.

  • Discover the power of universal laws and how to align with them & put them in play your life/business

  • Activate and sustain your higher vibrational life energy, stamina, and determination to manifest the reality you want to create(both physically and energetically through kundalini yoga & meditation)

Rock Maze

This program is a good fit for you if

  • You want to create the consciousness/feeling of true success in your life

  • You feel the calling for a big change and you know it's your time NOW

  • You feel stuck in cycles of stress, fear, and un-fulfillment or lack of abundance

  • You are committed to your success and ready to invest in yourself.

  • You want to create a sustainable change in your body, mind, and energy which is aligned with your soul calling.

Conscious Leadership program really helped me with understanding my coaching learning journey and to let it evolve and relax into it more, helped me understand shadow work and the law of reflection which was really helpful. I loved the introduction to Kundalini yoga and found it very supportive during the program.

My self-awareness has been heightened, I've trusted my intuition more and exploration of creativity been ignited again.

Bahar has so much wisdom and knowledge. It's been an absolute pleasure working with her, given me an overall sense of calmness back. Participating in the Conscious Leadership Program with Bahar was a beautiful experience and gave me a wonderful sense of overall spiritual wellbeing and clarity in the initiation of my coaching business

Jen W. 

Marketing Manager & Life coach

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Find Your Bliss Program

Tailored plan for You!

A deep discovery journey of finding what lights up YOUR soul and brings you peace and fulfillment in life. Together we’ll discover what those long-forgotten delights are, what colours your life and we’ll make sure you find a way to start doing them daily!


One to One Mentorship


Change is not easy, but staying stuck somewhere you don't belong is harder. If you have ever wondered how some people make it look easy, let me show you just how easy it can be to transform and bring all of you to all that you do.

Astonomical Clock



An in-depth session to find your life-path,destiny,gift, etc.. numbers and understand the meaning behind it. Also the influence it has on your life. This number is determined by your birth date and represents who you are at this time.

My Art