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Kundalini Yoga



Univesal Laws

Conscoius Leadership Program

Becoming a true leader in the new paradigm.

Claim your success gracefully by shifting your vibrational energy internally first.

In each session, you will be guided through a deep listening conversation that will reveal what needs your attention and what is calling for expression in the now.

Bahar will hold a safe space for you to fully sink into your body and emotions so you may express the memories, feelings, and thoughts that are arising.

When you feel the success from within you cannot NOT expand.

You'll be unstoppable!

You'll be thriving!

How to Apply?

To book for this program you need to fill in the form below. 

Once you submit the form you will shortly receive a confirmation email from Bahar explaining all your need to do as your next steps.

I'd love to hear from you and thrilled to get to know you better! please use this form to enquire about my services.

Thanks for Reaching out!

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