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Conscious Leadership - Online Group Program 

Reclaim your success gracefully
Learn to lead with compassion by radically being who you are
Experience leading from your truest purpose & passion  

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Change your vibration and claim your success gracefully from within.

Experience the meaning of success as a conscious leader in the new paradigm.  

While working on your inner blocks, do deep forgiveness and acceptance work, AND simultaneously by taking consistent & aligned actions SEE for yourself how the world around you changes and how you come to manifest your vision by the end of this program.

The new paradigm is all about co-creating and community by joining this program practice a new way of being held inside a safe, kind, and like-minded group and the exponential growth that come with it when we step together.

3 months vibrational energy shifting container

Incorporating somatic and bodywork, shadow-work, kundalini yoga, meditation, universal laws teaching, and group coaching calls that include


✔ Live online kundalini yoga class 

✔Recorded kundalini yoga practice weekly

✔Group coaching (small group max 11)

✔Recorded videos of the teaching of universal laws

✔Rrecorded guided meditation

✔Downloadable worksheets & self-reflection document weekly

Rock Maze

“This program invited me to look at my shadows, and self-forgiveness and to nurture my inner child. this has led to business blocks being loosened, and great manifestations coming in for me”

Natalie E.

Psychic Akashic Counsellor


What you'll gain

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  • Discover your limited behavioral patterns and lower-frequency vibrational thought forms.

  • Activate your inner life force and creativity resources to rewrite those limiting beliefs and initiate your true leadership powers 

  • Discover the power of universal laws and how to align with them & put them in play in your life/business

  • Activate and sustain your higher vibrational life energy, stamina, and determination to manifest the reality you want to create(both physically and energetically through kundalini yoga & meditation)

  • Discover different tools to work on your shadows(conscious or unconscious patterns of your psyche) that stop you from manifesting your true potential

  • Activate your passion, calling, and abundance in creating what you love with ease and grace


“This program really helped me with understanding my coaching learning journey and to let it evolve and relax into it more,  shadow work and the law of reflection which was really helpful. I loved the introduction to Kundalini yoga and found it very supportive during the program.
My self-awareness has been heightened, I've trusted my intuition more and exploration of creativity been ignited again.”

Jen W. 
Marketing Manager & Life coach

Cloudy Mountain
"Your mind, emotions, and body are instruments, and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life."

This program is for you if

  • You want to create the consciousness/feeling of true and meaningful success in your life

  • You have a meaningful vision; you feel the calling for a big change and know it's your time NOW

  • You feel stuck in cycles of stress, fear, self-doubt, un-fulfillment or lack of abundance

  • You are committed to your success and ready to invest in yourself.

  • You want to create a sustainable change in your body, mind, and energy which is aligned with your soul calling.

  • You are ready to go All in and connect with your heart(not head) to guide you in your life this time around. 

“This program enabled me to identify what is stopping me from moving forward and subsequently highlighted ways for me to see things differently.  I have learned about the universal laws that are so effective not only in my business but also in my personal life. I have learned to listen to myself, my actions, and my thoughts more deeply”


Life Coach & Accountant

Buddha Statue
Kundalini Yoga Class

Learning material, Kundalini Yoga, Meditations

This program focuses on mind, body, and energy shifts at the same time.

  • Each week on Monday a recorded video, worksheet, and all the instructions for that week will be released

  • As part of this program, we do 2 forty days of kundalini yoga kriyas together. The kriyas are specifically chosen to work on, release, or activate a certain frequency for our collective and personal growth as a community

  • The kundalini yoga kriya is thought and delivered live via zoom for the first time; Once the class has been recorded the recording along with instructions will be sent to you to practice daily on your own timing

  • For some of the modules during this program a daily meditation practice is required.  The meditation recording will be released on Mondays along with other learning materials.

“I was finally able to accept and make peace with my shadows, identifying and releasing the self-saboteur, surrendering, and feeling so deeply connected with my true essence and purpose.”

Sandra S.

Visual Artist and Creative Designer

Love Yourself

Program Syllabus & Schedule

Image by Icons8 Team

Live group coaching calls are happening on Fridays 4-5:30 PM UK time

  • Module 1:Opening Ceremony + Initiation + Altar work 2 June 

  • Module 2: Vision, Values, Purpose, and Highest Potential 9 June

  • Module 3: Past, Patterns, Shadows, Sabatoures 23 June

  • Module 4: Shadow-work Introduction 30 June

  • Module 5: Forgiveness, Shadow-Work, Devine Decree 21 July

  • Module 6:  Universal Laws 28 July

  • Module 7:  Embody your vision, Soamtic, and Bodywork 11 Aug

  • Module 8:  Design, Refine, Plan, Action, You are the Fire 18 Aug

  • Module 9:  Harvest Time, Celebration, Closing Ceremony 1 Sep 

Fist Bump

“It helped me feel more at ease with the fact that my mind tells me that I want to do everything but I identified they were two parts to my brain that were disagreeing but through the program they started to agree a and become friends.”

Luke B. 

Positive intelligence coach

How much does it cost

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

​The investment for this program would be £1111. Payment option available too.

There is also a VIP option which includes 3 in-depth 1:2:1 private coaching sessions (75 minutes each). 

  • Pay in Full  Payment of £1111 (save £71)

  • Pay Monthly  Payment of £394 per month over 3 months. 

  • VIP - Pay in Full  Payment of £1555 (save £95)

  • VIP - Pay monthly Payment of £550 per month over 3 months. 


You can use the payment button below to make the first payment or contact Bahar ( to make a full payment over a bank transfer.

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