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Here's is what Sarah says about having coaching sessions with Bahar

What has Sarah achieved working with Bahar?

Bahar has helped me to improve my anxiety enormously. My teaching has improved a lot because I was really struggling with the nerves and my confidence before. Now I can actually teach without having to go through these huge emotional reactions. I feel a lot more grounded now. I think the aspect(shadow) work that we did together really helped me. Now I feel like I understand what happens to me and why it's happening and also having some tools to deal with that when it happens.

In terms of my teaching, now I flow with my emotional energy instead of feeling stuck with it. Before it felt like, I couldn't get past this point, whereas now it feels like’s like it's got some momentum. I can actually grow up and it's something that I want to do instead of something that I'm terrified to do. I think that's the biggest turning point for me compared to where I was before starting my coaching sessions with Bahar.

What’s the process of Coaching with Bahar feels like for Sarah?

My coaching sessions with Bahar have been huge support because when we first started it I was going through intense anxiety. This level of anxiety was really struggling and it was quite new. My highlight moment was when through working with Bahar I discovered that I’m carrying the impact of a failure in the past with me.  I never really had understood how deeply that was affecting me and how much that was holding me back.

I found the way that Bahar holds the space to be always from an enquiring point of view. For me the way that she held the space allowed me to actually find a lot of the answers and uncover the things I was looking for on my own. And I think often those revelations happen where it's not someone telling you but it actually comes to you because through whatever this process of enquiry and someone asking you the right questions, makes it really profound. Because once you see it for yourself, it's like, oh my God! like, you really understand the significance or you really feel the impact. And that understanding goes deep. So, I really appreciated that approach because that really worked for me. Something an event from the past that you buried has created so much unconscious behaviour deep inside of you. So it's almost like you have to draw it out somehow.

What do you think about the tools and techniques that were used?

I found actually a lot of the tools that Bahar gave me to do as part of our practice, were really supportive. So like the walking meditation outside...I still do that every day, barefoot walking! And the meditation, the 15-minute routine I do every day still! Just having those practices, and practical things, have been really supportive in the process, helping me deal with some of the emotions that were coming up. So I thought that was a really important aspect of my coaching sessions with Bahar, too.

In particular, at times when the emotions were getting really intense and I was struggling and we did the tapping -EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that helped me a lot. Also, I did found the aspect(shadow) work and the meditation for that was really cool. I still use that. Yes! having those tools also, was really, really, really great and I like having things to do.


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