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Embarking on a Journey of Self-Growth, Living with intention and in alignment, and Building a life of meaning.

A 3-months live group course that will be Unveiling Your Hidden Potentials by exploring universal laws, shadow work, and the power of forgiveness. You step into your power.

By focusing on your vision for the next 3 months. Using life as a guide to heal what comes up on the way. Take aligned actions from a place of knowing and compassion with yourself.

Conscious Living
How It works?
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Aligned Action

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1-on-1 Coaching

If you're feeling stuck in your life, seeking a deeper meaning, or longing to connect to your higher purpose, I can help

What do you learn?

  • Techniques for incorporating mindfulness into daily life

  • Strategies for reducing stress and increasing self-awareness

  • Grounded practices to help individuals cultivate spirituality in their everyday life

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Bahar has helped me to truly understand and connect with my soul purpose and divine essence - I know who I am and what I am here for and the anchoring of this truth gives me strength, clarity, and peace each day...

I feel more authentic, expanded, whole, balanced, aligned, grounded, connected, present, happy, light-filled and loved.



Bahar was very present and supported me and I was able to gain a lot of understanding about my situation in just a short time.

Bahar incorporated EFT into the session which unlocked something deeper inside me and helped me to see a different perspective that I wasn't seeing.  Thanks, Bahar for the amazing insight and transformation

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Bahar's approach, which combined coaching and EFT got to the root of things very quickly. This was surprising and also relieving to me. Just knowing at that moment we had unveiled what was really going on, allowed me to work on the path forward. I'd encourage anyone to experience her coaching.



Conscious Living

If you're feeling stuck in cycles of stress, fear, self-doubt, un-fulfillment or lack of abundance, I can help

What do you learn?

  • How by changing your vibration you can claim your success gracefully from within.

  • how you manifest your vision while working on your inner blocks, do deep forgiveness & and acceptance work, AND simultaneously take aligned actions 

  • A new way of being held inside a safe, kind, and like-minded group while we all step togehter

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Kundalini Yoga

This practice combines physical postures, breathwork, meditation, and chanting to help individuals tap into this energy and experience a deeper sense of awareness and consciousness

What is kundalini yoga?

  • Kundalini Yoga is known for its dynamic and powerful style, with many of the postures and movements designed to stimulate and activate the chakras, or energy centers, in the body.

  • Practitioners of Kundalini Yoga often report feeling a sense of spiritual connection and transformation as they work to awaken and balance their energy. 


 "I was finally able to accept and make peace with my shadows, identifying and releasing the self-saboteur, surrendering, and feeling so deeply connected with my true essence and purpose."

Sandra S.

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